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Spa at Roman Spa Hot Springs Resort

Discover Calistoga's Premier Spa Retreat

Renowned across the globe for its therapeutic geothermal water and traditional mud baths, our spa is a haven that promises unparalleled serenity. Experience a blend of wellness, and local tradition while indulging in our rejuvenating treatments and rituals. Our range, from replenishing massages to mud and mineral baths and relaxing spa treatments, ensures a distinct blend of offerings to elevate your senses, offering an unforgettable Wine Country indulgence. 
Spa Menu at Roman Spa Hot Springs Resort

Spa Menu

Discover the therapeutic power of our renowned mud baths or pamper yourself with a massage enhanced with soothing aromatherapy. Check out our range of renewing treatments designed to calm the mind, body, and spirit. 

Gift Certificates at Roman Spa Hot Springs Resort

Gift Certificates

Bestow the cherished gift of relaxation with a Gift Certificate to Baths at Roman Spa. Let your loved ones immerse in the celebrated healing traditions of our geothermal water and mud baths. 

Spa Specials at Roman Spa Hot Springs Resort

Spa Specials

Enjoy exclusive offers and tailor-made packages and maximize your wellness journey with special rates and discounts. 

Spa Appointments at Roman Spa Hot Springs Resort

Spa Appointments

Soak in the goodness of legendary Calistoga volcanic ash mud baths. Book your slot today for a hassle-free experience.