Calistoga Hotel Spa

Relax and revitalize at the Roman Spa Hot Springs Resort in Calistoga

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Napa Valley Spa Vacations and Hot Springs

  • Old Faithful Geyser of California
  • Petrified Forest
  • The Old Bale Mill
  • Bothe-Napa Valley State Park
  • Calistoga Depot

Calistoga Accommodations.

  • Calistoga Jacuzzi Whirlpool Suite. Our 2 Splendido Jacuzzi Suites
  • Our 6 Superiore rooms.
  • Standard Guest Rooms
  • Calistoga Kitchen Suites
  • Calistoga Family Suites

Calistoga Day Spa Resort Facilities

  • Large Outdoor Pool (92-96°F)
  • Indoor Hydrojet Therapy Pool (100°F)
  • Outdoor Hydrojet Therapy Spa (104°F)
  • Men's and Women's Finnish Saunas
  • Coffee Service

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Roman Spa Hot Springs Resort. Located at
1300 Washington Street , Calistoga, CA 94515
Phone: (707) 942-4441
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